About DarkLion Studio

We’re a pride of DarkLions & DarkLionesses

DarkLion Studio is a brand design, digital product design, and digital marketing studio vested in Punjab, India. We are a team of rational and emotional thinkers. Who adventitiously gathered together to fulfill a vision, that we could impact many lives through our work.

DarkLions and DarkLionesses

What we stand for

Building life-changing brands, businesses & digital products.

Our values

Our beliefs & values that back us in course around our vision

Positive attitude

We believe in having the right attitude and personality to be a differentiator.


We believe patience is the key that opens the door to success.

Honesty & discipline

Our stories have honesty & truth in them. They are not just words.

Continuous learning

It’s the minimum requirement for our success in any field.

Aim for the perfection

Our mantra is to achieve excellence.

The Pride

Meet the inspiration & core team of DarkLion Studio

Parkash Kaur Darklion Studio

Parkash Kaur

Soul & Inspiration of DarkLion Studio

She did not have degrees or high qualifications. Still, she taught us some of the most influential life lessons: to see dreams and fight for our dreams, to stand up for what we believe in, to create our own opportunities, to take risks to achieve our goals, to never bow down to anyone and to keep our head held high and live with pride.

Our true DarkLioness from which it all started.

Parveen Darklion Studio

Human Resources

Gagandeep Singh Darklion Studio
Gagandeep Singh


Rajbir Kumar Darklion Studio
Rajbir Kumar


Ramanjit Singh Darklion Studio
Ramanjit Singh

Finance & Accounts

Mandeep Kumar Darklion Studio
Mandeep Kumar

Assets Management

Sarpreet Singh Darklion Studio
Sarpreet Singh


Keshav Rohilla Darklion Studio
Keshav Rohilla


Anil Kumar Darklion Studio
Anil Kumar


Arun Kumar Darklion Studio
Arun Kumar


Poonam Thakur Darklion Studio
Poonam Thakur


Harwinder Singh Darklion Studio
Harwinder Singh


Anwar Ali Darklion Studio
Anwar Ali


Akriti Kaushik Darklion Studio
Akriti Kaushik

Branding & Marketing

Sarbjit Singh Darklion Studio
Sarbjit Singh

Founder & Director

We are Equal.

The culture of DarkLion Studio is in its diversity & unity.

DarkLion Studio Team
DarkLion Studio Team
DarkLion Studio Team
DarkLion Studio Team
DarkLion Studio Team

Our initiatives

We vow to share our success with the community through our initiatives, through ”DarkLion Aid, we want to support those who are unprivileged, and by DarkLion Edu, we want to help unprivileged people with courage and dreams with education and career opportunities.” Every smile and every small positive impact on someone's life will be a success of these initiatives.

  • Darklion Aid
  • Darklion Edu
DarkLion Studio Initiative
DarkLion Studio Initiative
DarkLion Studio Initiative
DarkLion Studio Initiative
DarkLion Studio Initiative
DarkLion Studio Initiative
We’re a young company with big dreams and aim to do good for the society and community through our work. We want our company's success to be defined by how many lives we will positively impact and touch through our work. Join our mission if you have the dream to do big and touch lots of lives.
  • Sarbjit Singh Founder Darklion Studio
  • Sarbjit Singh

    Founder & Design Director

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