DarkLion Studio Process

How we work for you?

We help businesses of any scale to design desirable brands, digital products on time and budget through our business and customer centric design process.

1. Discover

We begin by listening to your story. We start the project with a discovery workshop to understand your idea, vision, business goals, customer needs & expectations. And we never stop asking questions until we get all the details, which will establish a strong foundation for our research phase and your product.

What we do?

Understand your business, Requirments elicitation, & Estimation of scope

What we deliver?

Scope document, Product roadmap, Team, Time estimation.

DarkLion Studio Process Discover

2. Research

After learning about your business. We go into the research phase to understand the market space, the users, and their needs. And, we prepare the blueprints & strategies to start the artistic phase of shaping your dream.

What we do?

UX/UI Audit, UX research, Brand positioning, Competitive analysis

What we deliver?

Digital product design strategy, Brand strategy.

DarkLion Studio Process Research and Strategy

3. Design

In this phase, your product comes to life - we signify it in the beauty with wisdom phase. Our cross-functional teams work collaboratively with our design team. We run into the loop of user experience design, user interface design, prototype, and test with stakeholders and the end customers until the design meets business requirements and user needs.

What we do?

UX design, Creating moodboards, Preparing design system, UI design prototyping, and testing

What we deliver?

Design system, Functional designs, Branding assets, and Guidelines.

DarkLion Studio Process Design

4. Develop

After testing and getting the nod on final designs from you, our development team start the turning your products visuals into functional product. Our QA team make sure that fully tested, working & optimized product goes into production and infront of your audience.

What we do?

Environment setup, Front-end development, Back-end development, Quality assurance, CMS

What we deliver?

Final product, Production deployment, Product documentation, 24/5 support.

DarkLion Studio Process Develop

5. Optimize

Developing the product and releasing the MVP or first version of your product is just the starting stage. From there, you measure, learn, design and, develop ideas in an endless loop until you accomplish your business goals. We are with you till the end.

What we do?

Analytics tool setup, Data analysis, Hypothesis analysis, KPIs monitoring

What we deliver?

We measure, we learn, we bring more ideas and we build again.

DarkLion Studio Process Optimize

How we collaborate

Keeping track of the results, performance, efficiency, and teamwork is a key to growth.So we take our customer values seriously.


Aiming for perfection is our core value. We’re always open to giving ideas where we see room for improvement.

Share ideas

To discover your ideas and solve complex business problems, we collaborate and conduct workshops to solve problems together.


To discover your ideas and solve complex business problems, we collaborate and conduct workshops to solve problems together.


We value your time and money. We always aim to deliver projects on time and within budget by providing fair estimations and sticking to those.


We're transparent and disciplined. We send daily updates and weekly status reports about what we have accomplished and what are, we working on.


We document and organize what we do, as it is crucial for the scalability and sustainability of your business. So you always know where you are.

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